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Where your treasure is
Welcome to your church website page "Where Your Treasure Is."   As your church treasurer, I hope that you'll visit often, at least once a month, to learn more about how your church is using God's funds that you have so generously shared (or, in the case of tithe, returned).  You can make a giving plan with the help of this page as well.  I know you will be blessed in your giving.  And remember:  You can never outgive the Lord!  
 Monthly Budget:  $6312
 Received in April:  $3642
 Building Fund to date:  $410,448

EASY DONATIONS:  Give through Mt. Ellis Academy Church online at http://meachurch.org   100% of the funds are routed through the local church.  You may use either a credit card, debit card or electronic check.  It is private and secure.   The funds are sent to the church checking account electronically on a monthly cycle. 

CHURCH BUDGET (monthly $6312): 
Church expense 728
Crazy Love 100
Sabbath School Expense 375
Evangelism 50
College/Young Adult 500
MEE School 2514
Student Aid 1250
MEA Women's Mentoring 150
Family Promise 120
Social Fund 75
Building Fund 900
Associate Pastor 250

Offering Schedule

When you mark "Conference Budget" on your tithe envelope, it is used for evangelism in Montana (25%), development of new church and school buildings (50%), and a full 25% of it comes right back to Mt. Ellis Academy.